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The frontier was a geographical demarcation policy that the United States marked a limit of civilization and of the territory that was regularly fed to the Pacific, to allow an expanding population to create their own future, to be precise with the territory vacated by the displacement of the new border. This novelty of bio methane, or rather the possibility expressed and guaranteed by law in its free trade thanks to the right to place in the distribution networks of natural gas national encloses not only a bargain but also a spirit of civilization in the wilderness just as it was the advance of the frontier of the west in the United States.
Despite being one of the densest networks of gas distribution in the world, even in Italy there are civil and industrial areas not served by the pipeline. The goal that our group has been given is to make the top 10 systems in the value of 5-6 ml of euro each, producing biomethane. The incentive that was provided for the sale of gas is such that the IRR of this initiative is more than 55% in the case of bilateral contracts CAR or distribution for car traction, more than 40% in the case of single buyer GSE in both cases paid the installment of the loan! The stimulus is twenty years.
The group Enersi operating for years in the renewable energy sector, and for over a year has entered the market of high efficiency cogeneration, in advance on the advent of this great opportunity of Biomethane. Just with the use of the gas produced with a COGENERATOR CAR you can get the maximum incentive per m3 of methane, making the business operator of cogeneration as customer required for a manufacturer of Biomethane, imagine that comfort for us, have at home the entire supply chain. Thanks to the considerable experience in the photovoltaic industry developed on the ground and then in the agricultural world, our. Group has already pocketed the supply of raw materials for the production of digester - gas reactors.

ENERSI ENERGY S.A. keeps package in all subsidiaries of absolute majority to facilitate its future presentation on the stock exchange.
The BP of each three-year controlled after the novelty of Biomethane have increased tenfold expectations of profits as you can see in BP in the presence of three-year incentive. And the same group after the entry of new investors will come to a total capital of over €. Producing process and use Biomethane is one of the most environmentally imaginable.
First, because methane is the cleanest fuel that exists, reduced production of CO2, oxides of nitrogen, no presence of nano powders, second because in reality is avoided its natural emission (dumps or deposits of various fermentation) in the environment in favor of its exploitation that degrades making it 10 times more innocuous for the purposes of the greenhouse effect. Besides distributing it throughout the country by the natural sites previously concentrated accumulation and production such as agricultural storage, settling tanks etc.. etc. the residual effects will impact very diluted compared to what would have been left to ferment on site residues. They will also be reduced many costs of spills of some products today dependents of populations by taxation on waste, due to the fact that companies like ours for some of these products will be willing to pay anything just to grab the precious material (ex refusal) able to produce the best energy source of the moment.

So, we will:
1) Perform within the shortest possible time the first 10 production centers Biomethane costs approximately 5-6 ml each for a total investment of 50-60 ml. The everything in the shortest possible time 6-7 months to get the authorization and 6 months for the realization.
2) Give each plant to a new company in the group to allow the entry of new members, up to 49%
3) Offer the gas at exceptional prices still less than 50% of the best price on the market with its subsidiaries operating in the ESCO.
4) tenfold obviously the sales of our Cogeneratori representing the most appropriate way to make the most of this energy source through the use of contemporary heat and electricity.
5) Install some of our plants in areas not served by the national network, allowing many companies to survive on energy costs more affordable and mutual benefit.

To this end and to be as fast as possible, we opened the entrance of new capital directed to intensify efforts in the development phase. Investment that we are certain tenfold in the short term. The group moves with a 360-degree experience already tested and active, with the right entrepreneurial courage and foresight demonstrated by the successes achieved. Around our actually work and live many partners covering different areas both domestic and foreign. Moreover, the group already operates on two distinct nations Spain and Italy. Currently they are approaching practical possibilities both in the UAE and worldwide Latin American. So we are confident that all the goals that we will be fixed soon reached the conviction of a high economic advantage but also a further affirmation of our motto more welcome: No limits to growth!

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No Limits to Grouth
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