Img Chi Siamo ENERSI ENERGY SA is an international company based in Spain, founded in 2008. The founders are three partners, entrepreneurs with different professional backgrounds:

  • Andrea Marinelli - Co-founder of Enersi, previously CEO of Backup Srl, founder and CEO of COMTEL information technology; currently Chairman of the Board of Directors of Enersi.

  • Luca Acquaroli - Co-founder of Enersi, previously founder and Director of Global Communication TLC, founder and CEO of Real Estate Fontespina; currently General Manager of Enersi.

In few years the company has developed a consistent number of photovoltaic plants in central Italy, also in areas with a high environmental impact and always respecting the landscape. Nowadays, being the development of the on-shore photovoltaic industry well-established, the challenge is represented by the creation of green energy through new technologies. Enersi is to date a spearhead providing high technology able to generate energy at zero environmental impact and at zero emission.

Throughout the collaboration with high level partners was carried out a project aimed to realize efficient and safe plants. Core of the entire process is an innovative concept for the treatment of municipal solid waste (MSW) free of incineration, leading to a production of electric energy with a friendly impact on the environment. Probably this is the best technology currently available for the treatment of MSW.

Following the same approach final tests are being carried out on an innovative system based on a recovering exhausted heat, allowing production of electricity with one of the highest efficiency achievable with the current technology.
Conceptually, this is an original and successful idea: a multi-scale system using different steam engines in cascade which allows maximum yield.

Enersi Energy S.A. - Av.da Rafael Cabrera 15 (Loc.5) - 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España - NIF: A76195882 - Capital Stock 1.008.000 €
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