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ENERSI is able to provide a complete service: from the engineering design adapted to the business needs of the plant, to the implementation phase which includes installation, commissioning and training of staff. The supply of necessary equipment also includes a customized control system, managed by a dedicated PLC that allows to constantly and remotely monitor the system and to optimize the operation and thus efficiency, while minimizing power consumption.

The plants designed and manufactured also by our technology partners since the 70's prove the established experience and the validity of the designs and technologies applied; further improved during the past years and expanded by the sophisticated and efficient electronic equipments appointed to the management, which enable real-time monitoring of the systems and their proper functioning.

The Kyoto protocol and the subsequent adoption in Italy of incentives for the production of energy from renewable sources (green certificates), generated an increased interest in anaerobic digestion plants fuelled by various agricultural biomass (siled corn, triticale, sorghum etc.), animal waste and residues from the agri-food industry.

Enersi provides a turnkey service system, comprehensive support and monitoring, to allow you to manage them as efficient and simple as possible.

In the document (downloadable here on the left) you will find the photos and layout relating to plants built in the various sectors.
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