Img Chi Siamo The philosophy and mission of ENERSI can be expressed in two statements:

  • Green energy as per nature
  • Quality without compromise

Enersi feels responsible towards his employees, partners and customers, and respectful toward the nature and the environment. Our mission, aimed to protect the environment, has as major goal a success that belongs to everyone and in harmony with the planet. One of the Company target is proposing, studying and implementing investment plans regarding energetic efficiency in different fields (such as industrial, commercial and residential) and in different areas of green energy, in order to satisfy the needs of its customers always respecting the environment.

Our entrepreneurial dynamism brings us to operate over an extensive territory, together with our proven and continuously growing technical skills. This allows us to define with our customers the best innovative and customized solutions and to achieve the desired objective. We operate as Environmental Engineering in close cooperation with the Vincenti firm of Città di Castello.

Our continuous upgrading activity pushes us toward leading technologies that enable the development of interventions aimed the generation of green energy, the energy saving and the environmental-friendly waste treatment. All this is realized respecting the overall quality. We aspire to become a reference point for our customers, providing them an integrated service in accordance with our philosophy.
Enersi Energy S.A. - Av.da Rafael Cabrera 15 (Loc.5) - 35002 Las Palmas de Gran Canaria - España - NIF: A76195882 - Capital Stock 1.008.000 €
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