To invest in a tool that offers a performance far superior to that offered by government bonds, because you have confidence in renewable energy and believe in progress.

The Group Enersi has worked for years in the field of renewable energy, our mission is directed to the preservation of the planet, with the aim to propose, study and implement energy-efficient investments. Precisely for this reason we have launched a major initiative on the Italian territory open not only to professionals, but also to all those people who are interested in investing in green energy with the goal besides getting a guaranteed return on invested capital in about 62 times in 20 years, also contributing to the needs of our planet. To this end, we are building the innovative start-ups aimed at creating a network of facilities for the production of biomethane through the use of food waste, livestock and / or MSW (Organic Fraction of Municipal Solid Waste), according to the chemical and physical established in Italy by the Authority for Electricity and Gas with its resolution under Article. 20 paragraph 2 of Decree No. 28/2011, in order, among other things, placing on the network accessing incentive mechanisms in DM December 5, 2013; OJ 295 of 12.17.2013. Each company will own a biomethane plant specific, that according to the Rules of the Minister, will receive an incentive from the GSE (National Energy Servi) of 0.905 cents. from € to smc methane produced for 20 years. Each of our plant will produce about 500 smc now for the full year. For each company, are offered for sale approximately 49% of the shares, according to the legislation of Decree No. 179 of October 18, 2012, article 26, paragraph 5, with regard to the sale of shares of innovative start-ups.

  • Cosmo Energy Agricultural Company Srl

    The Cosmo Energy Agricultural Society, is the owner of a project for a biomethane plant, located in Grotte Santo Stefano, in the territory of Viterbo, company documentation, design and everything related to the administrative process, is available on-line in this site, the price for each share capital during scouting, or in the planning stage, after obtaining authorization to build, is € 7,733.00 for 100 shares of nominal 10,000; otherwise the value obtained authorization for 100 shares of nominal 10,000, will be approximately € 70,000.00. The annual cash flow of this plant is of € 2,462,496.00, with an IRR of 50.72%, and a pro rata income of about € 24,462.00 per year before taxes, for 20 years (the duration of the incentive GSE) . For more information and to view the contracts for the subscription of the shares, you can contact us directly here.

  • Enersi Technology

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